Hire Kathy

Loquacious. Voluble. Talks-to-much. Chatty Kathy. These are all words and phrases that have been used to describe Kathy. Lucky for us, some other words and phrases that have been used more recently are, Eloquent. Knowledgable. Perceptive. And, “She has such a great way with words.” It’s not only Kathy’s way with words that will make you think differently, it’s the energy she brings to the room that will make you feel unstoppable.


Mompreneurship – In 2008, Kathy invented a child’s snow glove that actually fit a child’s hand. She created this product from the inception of the idea to the actual product on store shelves in just under 18 months. She shares how she did this, what happened to her family, and ultimately what she learned.

Mentoring Kids to Success – In 2013, Kathy tuned in to her young son’s desire to cook and perform, something like a Food Network personality. Kathy guided him to raising over $26,000 for his elementary school kitchen, building a culinary science lab, to competing and winning Chopped Junior on Food Network in 2015. She believes raising confident and successful children starts with saying, “Yes!”

Having a background in show business, media, and public relations, Kathy has the knowledge & skills and can point you in the right direction to helping your kids start making their dreams come true.

Winners Quit and Quitters Win – There are times in life when quitting is the appropriate action. Every great success story has one or more elements of when it was the right move to quit. Take for example Oprah and the OWN Network, or Walt Disney and his early production company with his brother, those are just two examples of winners who quit.

How to Have Tough Talks – Many people have trouble speaking up, especially if it’s a tough topic. Kathy can help you say what you need to say with confidence and ease. Kathy has worked one on one with individuals helping them see how to go into a tough talk and come out with resolution, usually positive. She has also trained salespeople who have seen their numbers soar after realizing they have to tools to talk about anything, even the tough topics.

Intentional Winning In Life – Keynote – Kathy has an incredible history of winning in life, both figuratively and literally. She will amaze and entertain your audience with unbelievable stories of winning with intention… on the radio, skill contests, having placed a child for adoption and reuniting, and even winning in love. As crazy as it sounds, she has the goods to back up her life of winning stories and she inspires her audiences to realize, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, they’ve had the power all along!